On the occasion of “Womenize! Games & Tech 2021”, which is happening today, we present a video special of our interview series “Womenize! – Inspiring Stories”! Our guest is Jupiter Hadley, Video Game Journalist and Community Manager at Toya Game Studio.

Jupiter Hadley is a video games journalist, game jam enthusiast and Community Manager at the Roblox game studio Toya.

With our host Viola Tensil, Jupiter talks about her career paths, her favorite indie games, and how to create a safe space for a community. Also, Jupiter gives advice for emerging talents and aspiring video games journalists.


Jupiter’s links: Personal WebsiteTwitterLinkedInYoutube Channel

Womenize! – Inspiring Stories Feature by Viola Tensil

Jupiter will give a workshop on mental health at Womenize! Games & Tech, November 24, 2021!