Womenize! – Inspiring Stories is our weekly series featuring inspirational women from games and tech. For this edition we talked to Lindsay M. Orsini, Head Sound Designer at Krimson Games. Read more about Lindsay in this interview:
Hi Lindsay! First of all: Are there any skills you consider essential to obtain a degree in Audio Production?

Anyone can learn Audio Production if they’re interested in it. The classes at Full Sail University taught me how to record live sound and music, to run stage sound for concerts and musicals, and how to create music digitally using Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs). I’d recommend having some kind of musical knowledge beforehand to make it easier. Growing up, I learned piano by ear. Writing and reading music was very difficult because I would end up just listening to the song instead and learning it that way since it came much easier to me. Thus, I struggled learning how to read music. Would absolutely suggest learning how to read and write music – learn theory as well – before going into any Audio Production program. They’ll teach you the basics, but it’s better to go in with more knowledge in my opinion!

What are your most important lessons learned throughout your career?

Not letting ego or bias get in the way of finishing a game is a huge deal. You should always make the game the best it can be, even if it doesn’t match your personal taste. If you don’t see a game to its full finish then that becomes habitual.

Working for free is also a huge no no, especially if the developer asks for it. However, there are some cases where it’s okay in my opinion. If the developer is small, you enjoy the project a lot and have spare time then by all means!

Would you share your favorite personal success with us?

My favorite personal success is working at Krimson Games Studios. They aren’t a large company, but the people there are absolutely amazing. Everyone is fun and talented at their job. Seriously, it’s weird how well we all connect and can perform job duties equally as well. We’re currently creating a horror game called “House of Silence”. I do all the sound design and music composition, voice a character and actually write the script as well. I’m rather busy with that, as there are a few big things being presented soon! Our Facebook page @KrimsonGames has all the updates if you’re interested!

Thank you for your time, Lindsay!

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