On the occasion of the German Diversity Day 2022, we present a video special of our interview series “Womenize! – Inspiring Stories”! Our guest is Erinda Jaupaj, Backend Engineer at Wooga. Erinda talks about her daily job, her experiences in often being the only woman in her division, and she shares her advice to women who’d like to enter the tech and coding industry.

Erinda Jaupaj is a Backend Engineer currently working at Wooga. She has a Master Degree in Computer Science from University of Trento in Italy. She started her career in 2013 working in different small startups as a generic software developer. Being a generalist she tried a bit of everything: mobile, full stack and machine learning, till she decided that backend was what inspires her. That is when she decided to join Wooga as a backend engineer.

In her free time she helps out women that want to enter the tech path. She started this by creating a supporting group, back when she was living in Italy. Now she dedicates 1-on-1 time to whoever reaches her out.


Erinda’s links: Voxel CommunityWooga